Your social media game is strong. Your website is beautiful. But how are your brand’s emails looking? With today’s online consumer both social media and website are crucial, yes, but don’t overlook your email newsletters! Drive DTC sales by connecting with consumers, building loyalty and growing your community of evangelists.

Like all other touch points (social accounts, website, product packaging, shipping collateral, etc.), your email is an extension of your brand’s look and persona. Remember, your audience follows you because they WANT to. But you’ve got to give them an incentive; a reason to hit subscribe. Connect and engage with your subscribers through VIP exclusive discounts, company news, fun ways to use your products, educational content, special events, and more!

Below are some brands we subscribe to who are using these strategies in their email marketing.

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Marigold Bars

What we love:

  • Educational blog content
  • Daily giveaway to email subscribers… gives them a reason to open!


What we love:

  • Special discount code to save 15%
  • Beautiful images

Otamot Foods

What we love:

  • Welcome message upon subscribing
  • Bold imagery
  • Product education, but not overwhelming
  • Discount code for product trial

Bubble Goods

What we love:

  • Engaging visuals, GIF format
  • Easy navigation, link to shop page
  • Product highlights

Quest Nutrition

What we love:

  • Promotes subscribe & save option on site
  • Drives to blog/recipe content
  • Educates on how to use product

Good Culture

What we love:

  • Recipe inspiration
  • Shows where consumers can find new products

Ugly Drinks

What we love:

  • Early access to new product launch
  • Drives to online shop


What we love:

  • Simple messaging; straight to the point
  • Direct link to Amazon shop page, easy navigation


What we love:

  • Personal note from founder
  • Beautiful imagery
  • Product education

Halo Top Creamery

What we love:

  • On-brand font and images
  • Play on words… quirky
  • Seasonal product news

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