Despite the fact that odds are long for any startup up to make it, the food and beverage industry is incredibly accessible.  

That accessibility and familiarity has led to many shared kitchens in the United States (& around the world) weaving diversity and accessibility into their core missions.  Below is a list of kitchens promoting diversity and doing amazing work.  Please, let us know of other kitchens doing the same.

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La Cocina – San Francisco, California

Opening in 2005, La Cocina was founded on the desire to cultivate low-income food entrepreneurs as they formalize and grow their businesses. Today is home to 40 up-and-coming food and beverage makers across a diverse range of cultures.

J-HAP Kitchen – Minneapolis, Minnesota

J-HAP’s mission is to provide emerging entrepreneurs the opportunity to work on their product in a certified kitchen and connect with adults with developmental disabilities who are seeking meaningful employment to work alongside them.

Milk Money Kitchens – New York, New York*

Though this New York City-based kitchen space has yet to open its doors, it already has 60+ makers eager to partake. Milk Money Kitchens offers members a fully equipped commercial kitchen along with startup business services and managed services like operations and accounting. “Nearly all of our food businesses are minority-owned (90% women and/or ethnic minorities) with fewer than 10% having a professional culinary school background.” Learn more about MMK here.

Union Kitchen – Washington D.C.

Union Kitchen is rooted on the vision of building successful food businesses with the goal of developing wealth in the local economy and celebrating culture, diversity, and vibrancy.

Portland Mercado – Portland, Oregon

This unique kitchen space and multicultural marketplace caters primarily to the Latino culture. The space’s mission is built on the idea of providing affordable retail space for businesses to launch and grow.

Downtown Market Incubator Kitchen – Grand Rapids, Michigan

No matter your experience level in food and beverage, the Downtown Market Incubator Kitchen and production space hopes to provide an accessible environment for makers to explore the industry and build their business. The program offers expert guidance “to ensure you and your business can go from the idea phase all the way to your first day of production with ease and confidence.”

Capital Kitchens – Austin, Texas

Since opening in 2012, Capital Kitchens has seen the launch of 50+ CPG food and beverage brands. Their primary goal is to help makers, no matter their expertise or industry experience, overcome the high costs of manufacturing and bringing their product to market.

The Hatchery – Chicago, Illinois 

The Hatchery aims to provide emerging food and beverage companies with limited resources a space to develop and produce their products, catering especially to those who require flexibility and non-commitment.

Flint Food Works – Flint, Michigan*

Flint Food Works’ mission is to help entrepreneurs in agriculture take their product from field to the market in an effort of creating a diverse and prosperous place for local businesses to thrive.

Commonwealth Kitchen – Boston, Massachusetts *

CommonWealth Kitchen provides shared kitchens with business assistance to help aspiring entrepreneurs in the Boston, MA area, particularly those who have been impacted by racial, social, and economic inequality, build great food companies.

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