We’re living in a digital age, and the future of grocery is online. Thanks to the Amazon-Whole Foods buyout of 2017, one-click, quick-ship shopping and not to mention the COVID pandemic,  demand for niche online food markets has increased dramatically. Even since our last post on the topic! Read on for 10 DTC curated shops for food & beverage, and how you can start selling with them.

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Foxtrot Market

What it is: An delivery service with both online and physical storefronts, serving the Greater Chicago and Austin markets.

Types of products: Snacks, pantry goods, beverages, perishable, frozen goods, cheese, wine and more!

Examples of brands featured: Halo Top, Lil Bucks, Prevail Jerky.

Learn how to sell with Foxtrot here.

Hive Brands

What it is: An “ecosystem of people, brands, and causes working together to create a more equitable and sustainable world.”

Types of products: Snacks, sweets, pantry staples, household goods, baby products and more.

Examples of brands featured: Partake Foods, A Dozen Cousins, Wild Planet.

Learn how to sell on Hive here.

The Good Trends

What it is: An online wholesale marketplace featuring from specialty, local food and beverage makers.

Types of products: Snacks, sweets, perishables, beverages and more.

Examples of brands featured: Big Spoon Roasters, Mylk Labs, Drink Simple.

Learn how to sell on The Good Trends here.


Bubble Goods, Inc.

What it is: A disruptive online marketplace for innovative natural food brands; heavy focus on lifestyles including vegan, raw, keto, paleo, gluten-free and AIP.

Types of products: snacks, sweets, beverage, pantry staples.

Examples of brands featured: Siren Snacks, Watermelon Road, Akua, Kween & Co.

Learn how you can sell with Bubble here.

Snacks, Yo!

What it is: Curated snackables from unique startup brands with clean ingredient profiles.

Types of products: snacks and sweets.

Examples of brands featured: Made by True Biltong, Asha Pops, Maxine’s Heavenly.

Learn how to sell with Snacks, Yo! here.

goPuff Food Delivery

What it is: Online delivery service specializing in speedy delivery of essential items in metropolitan areas.

Types of products: Snacks, sweets, beverages, pantry staples, cleaning supplies and paper goods.

Examples of brands featured: Almost anything you can think of!

Learn how to sell with goPuff here.

Thrive Market

What it is: A membership-based natural foods retailer that offers members a variety of high-quality, healthy, sustainable goods at warehouse prices.

Types of products: Snacks, beverages, pantry staples, meat & seafood, personal care, household, baby, pet, wine.

Examples of brands featured: Purely Elizabeth, Hu Kitchen, Simple Mills + variety of Thrive Market exclusives. 

Mouth Inc.

What it is: An online retailer that offers curated gift boxes and subscriptions (in addition to traditional e-commerce) from small-batch, indie makers from across the United States. Mouth’s goal is to bring awareness to indie food makers who are growing their brand.

Types of products: small-batch snacks, sweets, beverages, pantry staples, housewares.

Examples of brands featured: Big Spoon Roasters, Potter’s Crackers, Tia Lupita sauces.

Contact: [email protected]


What it is: An online vegan marketplace, no membership required.

Types of products: Everything vegan, from snacks, pantry and bakery to meat, seafood and dairy.

Examples of brands featured: Culina Yogurt, Sweet Nothings, The Honest Stand.

Contact: [email protected]

The Feed

What it is: Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, The Feed.com is an online marketplace that sells sports nutrition products from brands both large and small.

Types of products: vitamins & supplements, protein bars & powders, energy gels and chews

Examples of brands featured: Clif Nutrition, Skratch Labs, Vital Proteins 

Contact: [email protected]

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