So…what a week right? As we all hunker down and find ways to conduct life and business from our newly created socially isolated places, we thought it was the right time to recognize Foodboro members who have been at the forefront of the immunity-boosting marketplace. Wellness and health were already trending upwards before the coronavirus spread but now nutrition and preventing sickness is at the top of everyone’s minds. And we think that’s going to stay around long after this virus runs its course.

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Sustainable, super food-packed snacks made with kelp.

Follow them on Instagram: @lifeakua

The Bitter Housewife

Small-batch cocktail bitters made with no artificial flavoring or preservatives.

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Probiotic beverages made using upcycled whey protein.

Follow them on Instagram: @drinksuperfrau


Raw, unfiltered tonics (also known as fire cider) made in small batches and packed with super foods like ginger and turmeric.

Follow them on Instagram: @yerbary


Hemp-inspired products including bars, butters and crumbles. Currently available in only New York.

Follow them on Instagram: @eatseedly

Mizna Dates

Variety of date-based products from syrups to spreads.

Follow them on Instagram: @miznadates

AR’s Hot Southern Honey

Raw, pure, award winning honey products.

Follow them on Instagram: @ameshotsouthernhoney

Keetz & Co.

Plant-based energy bites crafted with super food ingredients. Check out Katy’s Foodboro story here.

Follow them on Instagram: @keetzco

American Vinegar Works

Small-batch, fermented vinegar available in a variety of bold flavors like Rose Wine and Apple Cider.

Follow them on Instagram: @americanvinegarworks

Wella Organics

Plant-based snacks including bars and energy bites made using nut butters and raw honey with added immune-supporting ingredients like matcha, turmeric, ginger and cacao.

Follow them on Instagram: @wellabar

Telos Foods

Meaning “purpose” in Greek, Telos offers a line of collagen-based energy drink mixes including boosters and coffee lattes.

Follow them on Instagram: @telosfoods

Fresh Zen Foods

Line of Asian-inspired pestos with flavors like Ginger Scallion and Garlic Ginger Scallion.

Follow them on Instagram: @freshzenfoods


Grab-and-go tea lattes made with simple ingredients like raw honey, almonds and water. Available in flavors like Earl Grey, Green Tea and Rooibos.

Follow them on Instagram: @drinkprotea

A Boring Life

Variety of immunity-boosting, CBD-infused products from nut mixes to raw honey.

Follow them on Instagram: @aboringlifesnacks

Lil Bucks

Activated buckwheat-based snack foods. Newly launched, Lil Bucks’ Clusterbucks are made with immune-boosting ingredients like turmeric and reishi mushroom.

Follow them on Instagram: @lovelilbucks

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay informed. We will continue to update the Foodboro community as additional news becomes available. If there’s anything that you’re seeing that concerns you or anything else you have questions about, please reach out to us!