Last week the first (virtual) tradeshow of the year, Specialty Food Live!, took place with a number of food & beverage brands showcasing, as well as industry experts and trend spotters presenting. Read on for our recap of six trends to know as we continue into 2021.

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Ethics-based eating

From supporting BIPOC makers, social causes and organizations to encouraging fair-trade ingredients and sustainable business practices, consumers are turning to brands who exist to do something good.

Brands behind this trend: Renewal Mill, Hugo Coffee Roasters, Beck’s Drinking Chocolate

Foods with function

Superfood-spiked and veggie-packed, traditional foods are cramming in good-for-you benefits like memory, immunity, bone health, and prebiotics and probiotics.

Brands behind this trend: Deux Cookie Dough, Goldenbrew Organic

Advances in at-home cooking

The events of 2020 have had a lasting impact on the food and beverage industry, one of which being the emergence of brands catering to the need for convenient at-home cooking.

Brands behind this trend: Zelos Cooking Blends, Seed Ranch Flavor Co.

Flavor fusion

Consumers are looking to spice up their ho-hum dishes with the flavors of globally-inspired cuisine… from the spice blends of the Middle East to the zippy sauces of Asia.

Brands behind this trend: Fifth Taste Foods, Goji Spirit, Manitou Trading Co.

Edible entertainment

It’s true! Glitter makes everything better. From sparkles and flair to unique flavor combinations, brands are stirring up at-home cooking with exciting product offerings.

Brands behind this trend: Runamok Maple, Little Red Kitchen

Keto gone gourmet

It doesn’t look like the keto craze is going anywhere anytime soon. Brands are tapping in to the trend by offering artisan products that cater to the low-carb lifestyle.

Brands behind this trend: UnbelievaBread, Cello Foods

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