We’ve taken our Ask an Expert series to video!

Amanda DeVries of Eye Candy Design specializes in branding and rebranding food and beverage companies. As you probably already know, this is not an easy task. In this video, Amanda shares with us a few of expert insights from when is the right time to rebrand (4:01) to how to retain your brand essence (5:37) and what sort of colors or typography styles are right for your brand. (8:11)

Amanda also details the difference between designing for store shelves vs digital spaces (11:40), the varying costs of a rebrand (15:00) and the typical process of working with a graphic designer (17:00.) But perhaps her best tip is the importance of determining exactly who your product is for. Or as she says, “If you sell to everyone, you’re often relevant to no one.” (18:00.)

In need of rebranding help? Head over to Eye Candy Design to learn more about what Amanda does and how she can help. You can also contact her directly here. Tell her Foodboro sent ya!

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