We’ve taken our Ask an Expert series to video!

Today, we’ve hit up Jason Foscolo, PLLC of The Food Law Firm in New York to give us the lowdown on pertinent legal issues food and beverage makers need to be aware of in the time of Covid-19.

In our interview, Jason sounds off on the new opportunities and risks that face makers today (2:00); things to be mindful of with contracts (7:02); what makes a solid product development agreement (11:55) and two very important things to keep in mind when entering a co-packer arrangement (14:45.)


Foscolo also explains the suite of legal services for makers who are both just starting out and who are pretty deep into the business. And recognizing that the food industry is complex and ever-changing, Jason offers clients a subscription model of legal services, depending on how much or how little your company needs.

Have more specific questions about food law? Reach out to Jason for a FREE 15-minute consult to see how he can help. 

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