We’ve taken our Ask an Expert series to video!

Marc Jobin of Jobin Design chatted with Foodboro recently to discuss why branding and packaging design for consumer packaged goods is a nuanced endeavor best suited for those with previous experience in the field (1:50.) For starters, food and beverage products must adhere to lots of FDA regulations (2:21). And squeezing ingredient information and other call-outs on smaller types of packaging definitely requires an expert eye (3:02). Jobin also discusses what’s the #1 mistake is with logo creation (4:41), how to utilize two different types of logos (6:18) and the impact that COVID-19 has had on packaging needs (8:15).

Reach out to Jobin Design with any of your branding, packaging and logo questions here. And remember, Foodboro members get a free 30-minute consult with Marc.

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