We’ve taken our Ask an Expert series to video!

This time we chatted with Sandra Velasquez, a sales and distribution consultant who’s also a NYC-based sales manager for Van Leeuwen Ice Cream and Hi-Bar shampoo and conditioner. Sandra cut her teeth in food and beverage start-ups but has worked with a range of consumer packaged goods in recent years. Today she’s keeping tabs on the ever-changing grocery store landscape as well as utilizing direct-to-consumer communications.

In this video interview, she gives us her insight on how to talk to buyers right now (2:00), how to send the right emails (3:46), what to know about big and small distributors (5:50), and how to use this time to get your business organized (11:52.) Oh, and if you’re in NYC, she has a great tip for getting ripe avocados (10:09.)


Want more of Sandra? Sign up for Distro 101, her online class aimed at understanding chain stores and distributors, or send her an email at [email protected]

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