We’ve taken our Ask an Expert series to video!

What does it take to build an authentic brand? Being true to yourself and your brand is a start but there are quite a few other elements in the mix. Steve Redmond, principal and creative director of Rival Brands, a branding and graphic design agency, helps makers get to the core of their identity, what they want to do, who they hope to reach, and where they want to go.

In this video, we chat about why authenticity is so important right now (2:33) as well as the hallmarks of an authentic brand (5:11) and when to reach out to an agency for help with this critical process. (10:23) But we also delve into focusing on the founder vs. the ingredients (7:14) and what authenticity really comes down to.

Ask an Expert: Building an Authentic Brand from Mark on Vimeo.

For more about Rival Brands, visit their website. To schedule a consultation with Steve, reach out to him here!