What is your food brand’s voice? If you haven’t yet thought about this question, it’s time to start. Your brand is so much more than a logo or tagline. It’s also a personality and a voice, one that you can use to connect with customers and endear them to your company and products. Your brand voice starts with a vision and a set of values, guides how you communicate both internally and externally, and should infuse all of your customer touch points, from digital to physical. Ready to start crafting a voice that works? Make sure you avoid these mistakes!

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Mistake 1: your brand doesn’t have a voice

No one wants to be sold a product. Consumers today want to identify with and connect to a brand, not just purchase an item. This Forbes article says it best: “People have evolved their metaphorical walls to block out messaging that doesn’t resonate with them on a personal level.” So imagine your brand as being a real person, one with values and preferences, and speak to your audience from that person’s perspective. Your customer will be much more likely to engage with your brand if it feels human and personal.

Mistake 2: your brand’s voice is your voice

If you’re a solopreneur, it can be tempting to automatically write your brand’s voice as your own. This may work in the beginning, but it doesn’t scale! A true brand voice is carefully crafted, and though it can be fun and friendly, it may differ greatly from your own voice. Avoid captioning your social media posts with your thoughts and feelings. Instead, share milestones and events from your brand’s point of view!

Mistake 3: your brand’s voice is inconsistent

A brand voice that isn’t consistent is confusing for your audience. If you speak to your audience in one tone on social media, you should speak to them in a similar tone via your customer support, your in-person experience, and your newsletters. Every touch point should match! One of our favorites, especially for consistency, is Oatly. Their offbeat, irreverent voice can be felt in everything from their Instagram to their subway ads.

brand voice

Mistake 4: your brand’s voice is unplanned

You may be tempted to build your brand voice one post at a time. But a set of guiding principles, whether they take the form of a style guide or a simple page of do’s and don’ts, makes a big difference. As your brand grows and you have more employees or contractors interacting with customers, providing them with guidelines allows for a consistent voice and a scalable brand. Follow this guide to craft evergreen documents that will help solidify your brand voice and allow it to grow confidently.

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