Consumers aren’t just looking for a product, they’re looking for a feeling, something with emotion that they can connect with. Now more than ever, this connection and sense of community is essential to the things they buy, especially with something as personal as food. 

So, what makes an authentic brand? Read on to get our tips, plus some additional resources to help you on your journey toward authenticity. 

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The Core Four

Know your brand’s values

What do you stand for? What do you believe in? What causes do you support? Spend time answering these questions to help you with defining your brand’s vision, voice and audience. All are connected.

Know your brand’s vision

Why are you here? What benefit do you provide? What are you trying to create in the market? When you communicate that there is something behind your products, authenticity flows. The connect you share, companies you partner with, people you follow will be interwoven, giving your brand depth.

Know your brand’s voice

Be honest. Be consistent. Be human. Your followers want to connect with a brand that shows up for them with emotion. What makes food and beverage startups powerful is the ability to express appreciation, empathy and love on a personal level. 

Know your brand’s audience

When you know who buys your product and are comfortable with your followers, authenticity comes naturally. Spend time finding your tribe and you there will be no need to force connection. Community, community, community!

Creating Your Brand’s Personality 

Four Brand Voice Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Your brand doesn’t have a voice
  2. Your brand’s voice is your voice
  3. Your brand’s voice is inconsistent
  4. Your brand’s voice is unplanned

You can learn more about these four mistakes here.

Additional resources to help guide you:

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