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Verified Foodboro Partner
Contactless + Staffless Product Trial Solutions for CPG Brands


25% OFF for your first 6-month Sampoll pilot campaign!

25% OFF for your first 6-month Sampoll pilot campaign!

BONUS OFFER - Sampoll covers the first 50 product redemptions per month ($8 or less in retail price) for 6 months! (Up to $2400 value for FREE)

To redeem: Contact a Sampoll rep below to claim your Foodboro discount and show you how the Contactless + Staffless Product Trial solution can work for your brand.


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Sampoll developed a new Contactless + Staffless “Grab and Go” Product Trial Solution for CPG Brands that helps shoppers all over North America discover new consumer products at their favorite retailers!

Sampoll has worked with CPG Brand partners like Supreme Cheese, Ithaca Hummus, Cleveland Kitchen, Fly By Jing, Hellowater, Brutus Broth, DoughP(Shark Tank brand), lunchskins and many other brands from a variety of different product categories, and can even include perishable products and non food & beverage products.  

Sampoll can Geo-target any physical retailer in North America

Sampoll has campaigns that target relevant shoppers at major retailers like Whole Foods, Sprouts, Walmart, Kroger, Publix, Albertsons, Sam’s Club, Petco, Central Market, Target, Fairway Market, Stop & Shop, ShopRite, Shaw's, Sendik's, Harmons, ACME, Earth Fare, Trader Joe's as well as smaller boutique grocery outlets all over North America.

Awareness & Acquisition:

Ditch the stale audiences and paper coupons! A multi-channel hyper targeted approach ensures a ton(thousands to millions) of high intent “Active” local shoppers are viewing your offer.

We even create & manage the media for you.

Educate your shoppers

Our digital brand ambassador (Chat bot ambassador) “Sam” is a new technology that we developed to engage and educate your new customers 1:1 via customized conversations at scale!

No more poorly trained or unreliable brand ambassadors. Just bite-sized shareable experiences that provide quality first-party data.

Automate the Reimbursement Process - No More Clearinghouses (YAY!)

Doesn’t it suck having to deal with multiple clearinghouses? You don't have time to review hundreds of receipts. That's why we handle the entire process for you. Our rapid rebate system scans for fraudulent submissions and automatically reimburses your happy customers via Venmo or Paypal.

Website: https://www.sampoll.co/  

Sampoll explainer video: Watch Sampoll Video Now!