With an increasing crowd of eco-conscious consumers, food & beverage brands are looking to meet the demand for more sustainable products, both in terms of packaging and ingredients. Now, most are aware of protein sources like whey, soy, rice and pea. But bugs? That’s a hard sell. Alas, nearly 80 percent of the world’s population consume bugs, particularly crickets, already. And the growing popularity of diets such as keto and paleo are making cricket protein more and more appealing. 

Learn more about the benefits of cricket protein over on Exo’s site, and read on for a look at 5 food and beverage brands pioneering this disruptive new category.  

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Variety of snack products made with 100% cricket protein.

Small Giants Cracker Bites

High-protein and high-fiber crackers made with a mix of cricket flour and superfood seasonings.


High-protein snack bars made with a mix of grains, seeds and crickets.


Variety of cricket-based products including energy and protein bars and protein powder.

Hi! Nutrition

High-protein mixes meant to support immunity and digestion; made with cricket flour.