When it comes to packaging, “Anything you can do, I can do better” seems to be the current state of mind for many natural food and beverage brands. All it takes is one brand to debut innovative and disruptive packaging and soon the grocery store shelves are stocked with a sea of similar designs. (This also happens in other industries as well from book covers to make-up products and more.)

And while we didn’t get the chance to walk the show floor at Expo West this year, we have noticed several new packaging trends that have taken off. Check them out below!

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Pastel Palettes

While pastel colors are popular among a number of product categories, they are most prevalent with functional beverages; from adaptogenic elixirs to hard kombucha.



Hey Well

Cann Social Tonics

Image result for drink cann

Calorie-Centered Ice Cream

A trend popularized by infamous low calorie ice cream brand Halo Top in 2015, countless better-for-you pints sport their calorie (and carb) counts proudly.

Halo Top


Rebel Creamery

Bright and Bold Baking Mix

Whimsically-inspired baking mixes with bright, bold and playful color palettes give grocery aisles a taste of childhood nostalgia.


Mrs. Jones Baking Co.

Duncan Hines

Birch Benders

Simple Snack Bars

Nutrition bar makers are showing off their clean-label ingredients with ultra simple, minimal packaging.




Artfully-Inspired Sips 

Vibrant and playful, beverage brands are tapping artists to design original labels.

June Shine


Seasons Sparkling

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