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Who: Flying Embers
What: Hard kombucha
Where: Ventura, California-based, available at these retailers
Founder: Bill Moses
Connect: Instagram : LinkedIn : Facebook : Twitter

Flying Embers is a Ventura, California-based maker of hard kombucha. With beverage industry veteran Bill Moses at the helm as CEO (he previously ran Kevita and oversaw its sale to PepsiCo), Flying Embers has expanded rapidly since its April 2019 launch. Their organic, vegan, gluten-free drinks (all are also naturally sweetened, so have zero sugar) can already be found on shelves across America.

Drinkers looking for a healthy twist on happy hour can enjoy flavors like Ginger & Oak and Ancient Berry. (And if you’re looking for an inspiration for your next tipple, check out these cocktail recipes).

Why the name Flying Embers? The company grew out of incubator Fermented Sciences, based in Ojai, California. In 2017 the entrepreneurs watched a wildfire encroach on their headquarters, threatening to incinerate their budding fermentation lab.

With the fire raging and embers swirling above them they faced the loss of their business, and their community. Miraculously the winds shifted and the fire abated. The scene they witnessed inspired the name Flying Embers. It also inspired them to give back. Today the company donates 1% of its sales to local first responders.

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