Propelled by the pandemic, Instacart has become one of the major players in grocery world. Online shoppers have become well-accustomed to using their phone to order up their weekly groceries then having an IRL shopper grab their milk, eggs, and ice cream and deliver them to their door. And there’s no turning back now. Just today, Instacart announced a new round of financing to the tune of $265 million. Add this to other news about partnerships with Wal-Mart, Sephora, Best Buy and even Family Dollar along with the rumors that an IPO is on the horizon, and you’ll see how Instacart has really moved up in the Covid world. And with all these advancements, a new important marketing channel for food and beverage brands has emerged. According to Instacart, more than 1,000 brands advertise on its platform, including the top 25 CPGs, in 350+ retailers and 25,000+ stores across the U.S. and Canada. Most of these are big food brands, but there is shelf space for smaller challenger brands. HOW INSTACART ADS WORK  For anyone seeking to learn the intricacies of Instacart ads, the good news is...

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