If you have a food entrepreneur in your life, you know the holiday season can be a crazy one for them. They’re filling orders, selling at markets, and pushing as much product as possible before the new year begins. What do you buy someone who is always busy and covered in flour? Our gift guide has a few ideas! Our picks are guaranteed winners for the foodpreneur in your life. No returns needed!

Check out our guide below:

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  1. Writing down recipes, converting measurements and doing quantity math – a kitchen notebook saves an entrepreneur from doing it all on a napkin. Because it’s a lot more dangerous to get grease on your iPad.
  2. Plastic salad spinners simply don’t last forever. Get something your foodpreneur can beat up and put in the dishwasher. This stainless steel salad spinner is Laurie Mayers from Raging Squirrel Bakery‘s favorite.
  3. Reading about food after a day in the kitchen? Uh, yeah, we actually do that. This inspiring memoir traces the coming-of-age of chef Amy Thielen from the Midwest to New York and back again. It’s funny, sharp, and a great read to curl up with this winter.
  4. Portable Maldon salt. Purse, pocket, apron. Finish and go. It’s adorable AND useful. (Conversely, they also sell it in a 3.3lb tub, for the cured-meat hobbyist in your life.)
  5. Anyone who shares a kitchen knows that scissors disappear faster than almost any other item. Get your maker the best scissors that $19 can buy – they’re dishwasher safe, super sharp, and can cut just about anything – even bones.
  6. These clips may not look like much, but they consistently save the day in the kitchen. They attach to clipboards, shirt pockets, belts, notebooks, and more. Keep your pen handy and stop losing it all the time.
  7. Finally, the best-value gift of them all. Get the food entrepreneur in your life a gift subscription to the Foodboro Toolkit, so they can get the services & products their business needs to succeed. Talk about supporting small business!

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