Popular with the low carb and keto crowd, allulose is a low-glycemic sugar alternative sweetener. Much like other sugar substitutes such as stevia, erythritol and monk fruit, allulose does not increase blood glucose or insulin, and it is recognized as safe by the FDA. Because it has the same taste and texture of traditional sugar, food and beverage brands are increasingly opting to use allulose as an ingredient in their products.

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What it is:

Applications for food and beverage:

Commercial uses of allulose include application in beverages, yogurt, ice cream, baked goods, and other typically high-calorie items.The first major food company to adopt allulose as a sweetener was Quest Nutrition in some of their protein bar products. In 2019, the FDA issued a report allowing food manufacturers to exclude allulose from total and added sugar counts on product labels, and like sugar alcohols and dietary fiber, count towards total carbohydrates on nutrition labels.

Brands using it:

Good Dee’s Baking Products

Heka Good Keto Bars

High Key Cereal

Catalina Crunch Cookies

Smart Sweets Gummy Candy

Real Good Foods Ice Cream

Additional resources:

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