Popular across a number of diets, including paleo and keto, coconut oil is known for a number of health benefits including its anti-inflammatory properties, blood sugar control, immune support and brain function. For these reasons, food and beverage brands are increasingly opting to use coconut oil as an ingredient in their products.

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What it is: Coconut oil is an oil derived from coconuts, produced and sourced from Southern Asia. Because it is composed of approximately 90% saturated fats, coconut oil is more stable than oils high in polyunsaturated fat, such as soybean, sunflower, corn and canola. Coconut oil’s stability makes it less prone to oxidation and toxicity when heated, making it a healthier choice for consuming.

Applications for food and beverage: A growing number of food brands are using coconut oil in their products – both sweet and savory – because of its versatility, stability and range of health benefits. Available in a variety of forms, including: refined, unrefined, extra-virgin, cold-pressed and even powdered. Though more expensive, extra-virgin, sustainably-sourced is the highest quality. Steer clear of refined oils as they lack nutritional value and more than likely sourcing is not ethical.

Brands using it:

Hail Merry Snacks

Indulgent, nutrient-dense treats including bites, tarts and cups. Buy ’em on Amazon.

Honey Mama’s

Chocolates made with raw honey, sprouted nuts/seeds, cocoa, coconut oil and not much else. Try all 9 flavors!

Living Raw Treats

Organic, raw chocolates and truffles. Available on Amazon.

Siren Snacks

Plant-based, functional energy snacks available in a variety of dessert-inspired flavors. Buy ’em on Amazon.

Roon’s Macaroons

Portland-based, hand-made, chocolate-dipped coconut macaroons. Free shipping when you order online!

Soozy’s Grain Free

Grain-free, paleo-friendly frozen snacks including muffins and donuts. Buy online here.

Swapples Waffles

Allergen-friendly frozen waffles made with 8 ingredients or less. Available in both sweet and savory flavors.


Almond flour-based cookie dough, including double chocolate and chocolate chip (they also produce paleo-friendly pizzas and pasta). Order it on Amazon.

Marigold Bars

Organic protein bars and keto snacks made with grass-fed whey isolate. Buy them on Amazon!

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