Welcome to Foodboro’s Ingredient Insider! In this new series we will be exploring the latest ingredient trends and how food and beverage brands are using them in their products. On our radar this week: turmeric. This versatile ingredient is hot on everyone’s mind — makers, buyers and consumers alike. And for good reason. In addition to its versatility, turmeric boasts an array of health benefits for immune support. 

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What it is: a rich, orange-hued spice containing curcumin, a chemical known for its antioxident properties and anti-inflammatory benefits. Traditionally found in South-Asian cuisines.

Applications for food and beverage: Commonly used in spice blends like curry powder, turmeric has grown in popularity and is being included in functional food and beverage products. The bright hue is often used as a natural source of color.

Brands that are using it:

Lairds – Turmeric Superfood Creamer 

REBBL – Turmeric Golden-Milk Elixir

Keetz – Turmeric Energy Bites

Kettle & Fire – Turmeric Ginger Bone Broth

Amazi Foods – Ginger Turmeric Jackfruit Chews

Candid Noons – Golden Berry Turmeric & Mango

AKUA – Spicy Thai & Spirulina Kelp Jerky

Victory Dance Foods – Carrot Turmeric Garden Granola

Lil Bucks – Turmeric Lemon Myrtle Clusterbucks

Sunwink – Turmeric Cleanse 

Humble Nut Butter – Spiced Maple Pecan

Good Wolf Water Kefir – Turmeric Pineapple

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