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My name is Amy Keller and I come from sugar. My family makes billions of Dum Dum lollipops and other amazing, nostalgic candy too. My grandfather always made sure to have candy readily available for young and old and I saw just how happy candy made people.

We all know candy can be good for a treat, but why isn’t there something like candy that we can eat every day? Something that athletes like me, competing in marathons and triathlons, can enjoy regularly without hindering our performance - Or even better, it could be healthy and helpful to the planet! This would be my fave sweet, the one that the more of it you eat, the better you would feel.

FAVES is the intersection of healthy living and indulgent treats that we have all been searching for. We created it to illuminate the power of fruits and vegetables to restore the health of people and the planet. So more than just to give you a healthy sweet and give stealth nutrition to your candy, we are aiming for a way to help heal our planet too.



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FAVES helps local farmers by upcycling perfectly good fruits and vegetables that get rejected simply because they aren't pretty enough.

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