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Co-Founder with my wife Jamie of LIFEbar, where we have crafted easily digestible plantbased protein, that we ship directly to your door as well as have crafted the easist way do make a smoothie with our Ready-to-Blend Superfood smoothie packs , all you need is water and a blender and bam a power packed smoothie is ready in minutes at your home or office.


Louisville, KY

Years in business

5-10 Years



About Brand

Simple, Clean, Convenient Superfood Nutrition ## Whatever “health” means to you, LifeBar makes taking control of nutrition fun, tasty and convenient. Our "No Extra Anything Rule", kicks out the fillers, flavorings and sweeteners most brands rely on to the curb. Instead, we use the pure, nutritious stuff that packs the most powerful one-two punch of flavor and nourishment. It’s superfood karate.

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About Products

Plantbased, superfood proteins, and ready-to-blend smoothies