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I am a highly regarded and award winning collaboration and business growth expert, coach and mentor. I help foodpreneurs realise their dreams and I am the founder of the powerful and purposeful network, Females in Food® and creator of the Foodpreneurs Formula® group coaching program for women growing and scaling food and drink packaged brands.

I am admired for my dedication to helping food and drink businesses work 'on' their business so they experience exceptional business and financial growth. I is known for my sound strategic advice, authentic coaching approach and results-driven mindset - all of which have helped thousands of food and drink business leaders and foodpreneurs grow their businesses.

In 2017 I was recognised for my entrepreneurial success by being named as a Top 50 Small Business Leader by Inside Small Business Magazine. I advocate for purpose-based business objectives and a key attribute to my counsel is my encouragement of women to back themselves and for people to understand their unconscious bias.

Prior to this, I had over 20 years of senior executive experience, leading teams for some of the world’s most prominent food, beverage and consumer goods organisations including Kellogg, Nestle, Spotless, Douwe Egberts, Dyson and Staples.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts, a Master of Applied Social Science (Management); I was a long-standing judge for the Banksia Sustainability Awards - Australia’s most prestigious and longest running sustainability awards recognising industry and community excellence in sustainability; and during my mid-30s I undertook a unique-angled approach to studying human behaviour and personal development by spending time living with a shaman in Peru, pursuing the human potential trail in north America and living in a meditation retreat in India.



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30 years at the big and small end of the industry as a manufacturer and food business mentor. Producer cheer leader because I know that a successful F&B business is as much about having a solid business strategy as it is deep self care and having someone in your corner. Our industry. is tough and the margins can be tight and sometimes that takes its toll on producers - so I'm here to lend an ear and a cuppa.


I'd like to know the problems that producers experience, all of them!

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Our support of foodpreneurs business takes the guesswork out of building a profitable food or drink business that puts more money in their pockets to do more of what they love. We want female foodpreneurs to attract more customers, have more certainty of the road ahead, enjoy more freedom to spend time with those they love and pay themselves a great wage. We do this through Foodpreneurs Formula®, a supportive and comprehensive online group coaching program for producers turning over between $50k - $500,000 per annum. When foodpreneurs work with us, we help them by: - Setting them on the right path for success so they don't have to 'wing it', saving time and money; - Coaching them through the vital stages of building a viable, sustainable and profitable F&D business; and - Supporting and celebrating them as their business transforms. Females in Food® believes in foodpreneurism, feminism and creativity.

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