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Ezra grew up in New York City, born into a holistic health conscious family. Over the years, Ezra developed his own passion for wellness, travel, music, and of course business. Over the last decade, Ezra has founded multiple companies, and also worked as a product management leader in multiple tech companies. Leaving tech behind, Ezra is now working on his greatest passion, Pow. Pow is a functional beverage company with a goal of introducing people to the amazing benefits of matcha, adaptogens, and functional mushrooms, so everyone can wake up feeling their best every day.


San Francisco, CA

Years in business

0-5 Years


Absolutely would love to share anything I can. I have a lot of experience in the e-commerce web design space and can help make recommendations on design / CRO, etc. Would love to collaborate, do social media giveaways, etc.


I'd love to learn how other F&B are scaling their businesses and what they're learning along the way. Looking to connect and collaborate.

About Brand

Pow was created as a way to help people be at their best by incorporating really powerful and healing foods into their diet. Pow does this by creating really simple, natural, and healing drinks that can built into your routine. The stress of modern life was a huge inspiration for Pow. Working from home, anxious about meetings, worrying about the state of the world. Is there anything out there can help people naturally feel better and operate as their best self? Some of the simplest things seem to help: incredible functional mushrooms, ancient roots and adaptogens, and calming rituals. Helping people be at their best is really what drives Pow forward.

Launched in


About Products

Our products are really focused on function. We remove all fillers and focus on only a few simple, effective ingredients, to make drinks that make a difference. All organic ingredients from the best producers we could find.