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For Harji Singh, the 100mph work ethic of entrepreneurship is nothing new. A partner at LOKI, working alongside long-term friends Rikin Patel and Ashish Joseph, Singh is truly in his element. Simultaneously beverage entrepreneur and Creative Director of the New York-based branding & digital marketing agency Azai Studios, it was a no-brainer to combine his design and tech savvy with Patel and Joseph’s respective business talents to create LOKI in December of 2020.

Born in New Delhi but raised in New York City and Bethlehem, PA, Singh comes from a background in real estate finance, paired with more creative exploits like photography, music production and DJing, which he still does today. After “jumping ship” to the creative industry, Singh worked his way up to eventually found his own company, fusing his artistic interests into one singular outlet that he now fearlessly leads.

With LOKI, Singh aims to ensure that the product’s strategy, brand and messaging stays consistent as the company scales, making certain that all touchpoints reflect the euphoric, premium beverage. Looking to the future, Singh is excited to see LOKI become the go-to can for the beverage and cannabis industry.

When not working on LOKI or with his team at Azai Studios, Singh is kept busy exploring blockchain start-ups, producing electronic music events and the creation of his own charitable organization.


Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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About Brand

Hello Delta 8 Seltzers, goodbye alcohol. LOKI is a low-calorie, functional, Delta-8 Seltzer. The perfect alternative to the alcoholic drinks you know and love. We did our research to craft a seltzer your mind can sense after just one serving. Low-calorie and uplifting, LOKI fits into our lives as a euphoric alternative to alcohol that keeps us clear-headed, creative, and social with no hangover the next day.

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About Products

LOKI is an entirely new type of drink to enjoy with friends. The world’s first Enhanced Seltzer. Made with the cannabinoid extract Delta-8, LOKI offers a clean alternative to alcohol that delivers a unique and vibrant sensation, with no hangover. With five main active ingredients, one serving of LOKI contains only five calories, zero sugars, and zero carbs. The result is a delicious beverage that enriches experiences after a few sips, immerses consumers in the moment, and prolongs the party. The LOKI team brought together a mixture of industry innovators and creative thinkers to craft a truly original drinking experience. Consumers want to immerse themselves in memorable moments, but often crave alternatives to alcohol. Cannabis products have become more popular and a wide variety of new pioneering cannabis-based options continue to change the landscape of nightlife and social gatherings. LOKI blends these consumer trends, and offers a completely new way to enjoy the night. A true innovation in drinking. With only a few sips, you can enhance any moment.