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Holly and John are the founding farmers of Singing Pastures. Our farm in Midcoast Maine is part of the supply chain for our premium, pasture-raised pork charcuterie. We source from other verified pasture-raised family farms that share our strict standards.


Newcastle, Maine

Years in business

5-10 Years


We know a lot about agricultural systems, from small and local to large scale agriculture.


Advice on getting investment funds.

About Brand

Founded by 9th generation farmers, we start with heritage breed pork that is raised on lush grassy pastures. Then we craft Roam Sticks using the traditional processes of fermentation and slow smoking. The result? Real food that is rich, savory and high in Vitamin D and healthy fats.

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About Products

Roam Sticks are the only pasture-raised, non-GMO fed pork sticks nationally available. Our premium pork is that crafted using traditional processes like fermentation and slow smoking. These artisanal methods take more time than most conventional snack sticks, but the taste and health benefits are worth it.