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Jamie Grimstad is an Entrepreneur, Investor, and Influencer Marketer. She's the Co-Founder & CEO of Favour Gum, and Founder of Curated by Jamie, an NYC-Based brand advisory specializing in influencer marketing for consumer-first brands.

As an micro-influencer herself, Jamie has worked with brands and designers such as Nike, Adidas, Glossier, Google, Manuka Health, Clinique, and AfterPay, among others, and the exclusive partner for Nike and Bandier, for the release of the 2018 Nike Air Zoon Pegasus 35 shoe. Jamie leads Favour with expertise across consumer, venture & marketing.



Years in business

0-5 Years


Marketing experience (specifically influencer marketing, but happy to advise on any marketing-related questions), Collaborations, Intros!


Connect with potential brand partners, retailers & strategic advisors for upcoming fundraise.

About Brand

At Favour we believe that taking care of yourself should be as easy as chewing a piece of gum. We're a female-founded functional chewing gum company powered by CBD and other good for you ingredients making self-care simpler, and stress-free. Our Founders Jamie & Gigi Grimstad set out to create products that you can rely on to feel your best-self, anytime, anywhere.

Launched in


About Products

Favour was created by women to tackle real, everyday needs. Our products are pragmatic and based on human experience - but it's really our delivery system that sets us apart from the rest. Chewing gum delivers ingredients safely & effectively through the oral mucosa of the mouth. The result: greater absorption and faster delivery - it’s a win-win.