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Hi, my name is Mariam and I am the Founder of Mariam's Garlic Goodness where we produce Mediterranean TOOM garlic dips made with 100% California Garlic! This delectable dip is a family recipe born in the Silicon Valley at my family's Lebanese restaurant.  Quality matters, that's why I use only locally-grown garlic from Gilroy, California and High-Oleic Expeller-Pressed and Extra Virgin oils. Garlic is a potent, flavourful ingredient filled with natural prebiotics to help us be resilient and powerful! To me, garlic represents survival, healing, and faith in the herbal remedies that Earth provides us. Enjoy and share the goodness of garlic with your loved ones!


Berkeley, CA

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0-5 Years


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About Brand

A garlic lover's dream: Garlic Goodness is the OG of Mediterranean garlic dips combining the zesty, creamy, fluffy dip experience you've always wanted. Made with Organic & Non-GMO & 100% Gilroy Garlic. This purely garlic flavored dip brings to life the rich flavors of the Levant, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Combining prebiotic , allicin rich California grown raw garlic, lemon juice, extra virgin and unrefined natural oils into a dip much like aioli - but, without the eggs! It's 100% plant-based, ketogenic, sugar-free, gluten-free, non-GMO and made with organic ingredients. Historically, this garlic-lover's delight is paired with street-food such as chicken shawarma and rotisserie chicken. These days, it's used as a condiment, spread, marinade, sauce and even a replacement for mayo!

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Keto - Plant Based - Sugar Free - Gluten Free - Halal - Kosher - Minority + Woman Owned