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Food is interlaced throughout my life. My personal interests in food flow into my professional life and it's where I find my balance. I was raised alongside an Italian grandmother that had a propensity to make food, great food, part of happy and sad celebrations. For the better part of my life I have also lived in Vermont. This creative and tiny little state has accomplished great things when it comes to food. Amazing cheeses, beers, specialty food producers, farmers are all around us. My choice to serve these pioneers was a bit selfish. I wanted to work with very passionate and caring individuals. And my experience has shown me nothing but that. I am a member and board member of the Vermont Specialty Food Association, a Mentor in residence at Branchfood in Boston, a member of the Food Consultants network and a member of the national Specialty Food Association. This is where I belong and I'm doing what I love around people I admire.


Burlington, Vermont

Years in business

20+ Years


Mentorship. I'm here to help. Call me anytime with any question.


Opportunities to collaborate with and support producers looking to change the way food impacts our local and global communities.

About Brand

Rival Brands is a strategy-led, design-driven studio that provides industry insights and inspired creativity to food, beverage and specialty food producers. We believe that successful design and packaging must be measured beyond aesthetics. We use market and consumer research and competitive analysis to inform our work, not hunches.We bring true brand strategy to our clients and the clarity and focus that their business deserves.

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About Products

Rival Brands develops a true brand strategy as a means to provide branding, design and packaging solutions that will perform. Aesthetics alone can not drive long-term success. Branding questionnaires only work if you have the answers. We predicate our work and solutions on data-driven observations and insights and believe there's no other way to do this type of work.