Influencer marketing. You’ve probably heard the term thrown around, and you most likely know a brand or two using it. Perhaps your brand is already using it as part of your marketing strategy. In a social media-driven society, leveraging influencers is a sure way to get a product in front of a relevant audience. 

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Influencer intel: reach vs. niche

As a startup with a tight (or non-existent) marketing budget, you need to know where your dollars are going, and unfortunately shelling out big bucks to these large-scale influencers doesn’t always pay off. While great for brand exposure, tapping macro influencers (those with a following of 50,000 or more) is hardly worth the high price tag. Consumers are aware of the large sums of money brands spend securing partnerships, and because of this they are adverse to endorsements from social media celebs.

Enter micro influencers.

Micro influencers, macro impact:

Micro influencers are defined as those on social media who have a following of 10,000 or fewer. However, where their follower count lacks, their engagement rates soar. Where macro influencers are aspirational, micro influencers are authentic and down to earth. This is attractive to their audience. By sharing highly relevant, personable content and partnering with brands that are of interest to their followers, this influencer type has garnered a following that is tuned into their day-to-day lives. 

So, why go micro?

Authentic. Advocate. Affordable.

Leveraging micro-influencers is a great way to authentically build brand awareness among a niche, hyper-targeted audience. While macro influencers must be bought, micro influencers must be earned. Working with them increases brand trust as they are likely already a fan of the brands they choose to support. What’s more, this influencer type is much more affordable and accessible than those with a larger following. 

How to leverage micro influencers

Start small. Start local. Start with what you can afford.

Where do you find these social media superstars? Start where you are. Get involved with your community, both in person and online. Monitor and engage with your brand’s own social following (branded hashtags are a great place to start!).

Perfect Bar, for example, uses the hashtag #ItsJustPerfect to track and engage with influencers.

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as much as i’d like it to be sometimes, nothing in life is perfect…except for @perfectbars, obviously🤪🙌💯 . yesterday i went into my intake expecting perfection. i thought i would go home with a yes or no answer; either this place would be my savior and i decide to go for it, or it would be a turnoff and i decide to look elsewhere. unfortunately, it’s much more complex than that. . i left the intake feeling rather torn, split between two extremes. i didn’t know exactly what to feel, until slowly i realized it is INDEED much more complex than that. no treatment center, special diet, or exercise routine is going to ‘save’ you and make you recover. just the same as no one event ‘causes’ you to become sick or even ‘ruin’ your progress during recovery. . pondering the conversations i had, the complaints i had, the things i said i wanted to change…made me realize something HUGE— i, and only i, have the power to achieve a life i love. no one can do that for me. yes, it’s important to have a hand (or several!) to hold along the way, but in the end it’s YOU that’s gotta do all the work. . i have (and so do you!) all the power already within you. all the tools you need to live a life you love are already there, laid out in front of you. maybe you just can’t see them yet, but they’re there! . perceiving this phenomenon is just…well, PHENOMENAL💫 knowing that i have all the power, the tools, even the life i want to live already HERE…it’s mind boggling! but true. ok now ending with all the spiritual stuff and getting to my point 😂 . what i want to say is that whatever choice i make, it’s the right one. i still need to send in some lab work this week and the center will call me next friday with their ideas, a possible plan, and of course asking if i’m on board may they decide i’m of fit. until then, i’m going to *manifest* the life i dream of, and i’m going to support all you amazing souls in doing the same! becauss in case you didn’t know, you are a freaking rockstar! 💖

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Build a genuine relationship.

Listen to what fans of your product are saying and offer opportunities for them to get involved. Leveraging your own audience as micro influencers allows you to foster a relationship with them, build loyalty and tap into their network. As they are already consumers of your product, many are willing to partner and offer content in return for free product and a feature.

Enlightened Ice Cream does a great job of securing partnerships with their fans through hosting joint giveaways.

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To build trust with their following, make sure the influencers you engage with are knowledgeable about your company and product. Nancy’s Yogurt does a fantastic job to ensure its shared content includes information on the product.

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