We reached out to Kristi Knowles, CEO of Mother Raw, maker of plant-based dressings, dips and more to share the company’s experience as they pivot strategies and operations in the time of Covid-19. If you’d like to share your story with Foodboro, we’d love to hear it. Send an email to us at [email protected]  

Like many emerging brands weathering the current pandemic storm, Mother Raw is rising up to challenges we’ve never encountered before. By leading with heart, our priority at Mother Raw, now more than ever, is to put people first – our consumers, retailers, from truck drivers to their farmers and everyone in between, and of course our valued team. 

As makers of delicious and versatile, plant-powered dressings and marinades, dips and condiments, Mother Raw is constantly flexing our scrappy startup muscle and moxy as we find creative solutions to navigate this challenging time and to do our part to help keep shelves stocked. 

Leading with heart starts with an unwavering dedication to people. We consider the Mother Raw Team our family and we are taking extra steps to ensure everyone feels safe, cared for and supported. We are proud to share we are providing “thank-you” pay increases to our manufacturing employees who continue to come to work every day to help meet our increased demand. Alternate transportation has been arranged for employees who normally take public transit and we have been offering grocery delivery to our offices so they can avoid taking trips themselves. Our office colleagues are comfortably set up to work from home and continue to pour boundless energy into everything they do. We connect often, holding virtual meetings simply to see how everyone is doing. At the core of everything we do, we know that working together and showing compassion for one another is how we’ll emerge from these trying times stronger than before! 

In terms of business operations, we are remaining positive, flexible, and willing to change direction at any time, because we need to when things tend to shift daily! Our first challenge was the cancellation of Expo West. Instead of debuting our new Lemon Tahini Dressing, we had to think on our feet and strategize. Right away we jumped at any opportunity for virtual meetings and events, we created conversations with the professional community through LinkedIn, and we utilized our social media and PR to stay timely and connected…as they say when life hands you lemons you make lemonade…or lemon dressing! 

Beyond that, we recognize the responsibility we share amongst the farmers, ingredient suppliers, warehouse teams, truck drivers, retailers and their front-line teams working alongside our peer food manufacturers. We are grateful that we make Mother Raw products in our own facility, allowing us to regulate our supply and not depend on co-packers who may be navigating their own challenges. 

Our focus is serving our retailers and communities with outstanding service and our buyers know we can be as flexible as needed so that empty shelves are filled. Making the right decisions daily on pressing matters, such as scaling back on non- essential spending, plays a key role in our success. 

Business-wise, we have tracked a record-breaking month in March and April is coming in strong. We are committed to continuing to produce our products with the highest standards of safety so that families at home have access to our products during a time where satisfying, healthy meals and cooking at home are so relevant. 

We are constantly working to do our part to be as collaborative as we can. Our social media platforms are focused on sharing helpful, relevant, and motivating content – from quick and easy dinner recipes made resourcefully with pantry staples, to ideas for foods full of healthy ingredients. Locally, we continue to support amazing organizations like Black Creek Community Farm and the Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank to support the growing need to feed those facing food insecurity. We encourage other brands to do the same in their communities. 

We are honored to be part of the enormous network that is continuing to rise to the challenge of supplying food through these tumultuous times. With the uncertainty of this situation, we continue to be motivated and fortified by everyone, everywhere, coming together with support, empathy, and heart. 

Eat Well and Stay Well,

Kristi Knowles, CEO of Mother Raw

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