For food entrepreneurs using e-commerce, the shipping process isn’t exactly painless. Taking orders through your website, finding the best shipping option through a multitude of carriers, and re-entering all that information into their website just to print a label? It all takes precious time, which you probably didn’t have to begin with. And you haven’t even packed anything yet!

Enter ShipStation. The all-in-one shipping software that solves problems you didn’t even know you had. It seamlessly integrates your ordering platforms, your carriers, and your inventory. Whether you’re packing and shipping each order yourself, or you have a warehouse team of hundreds, ShipStation works with what you’ve got.

You’ll get discounted rates with many of the carriers you already use. You’ll have access to tracking like never before. You can personalize messages to your customer with your logo and branding. And you’ll get valuable data on ordering, shipping and inventory. Does that sound like your current system? Not likely.

We’re so thrilled to announce the addition of ShipStation to our Foodboro Toolkit, as one of our trusted partner services offered at a deep discount. All of our Toolkit partners have proven value to food entrepreneurs, and we’ve negotiated discounts that you won’t find anywhere else. As a Toolkit member, you’ll get your first two months of ShipStation free.

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