Some people geek out over music, video games or cars. We geek out over food & beverage packaging design, branding and social content. And with so many beautiful, creative and innovative projects in the food world, can you even blame us? A rising tide in food & beverage startups, and the importance of a defined brand voice with a strong social and digital presence has inspired a number of creative agencies with focus on helping these brands truly shine and stay competitive. 

Read on to learn more about our favorite creative agencies that are a part of the Foodboro community, and have worked with some of our Maker Members. And check out our newsletter archive for even more of our favorite vendors. 

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GARNISH STUDIOS: This full-service creative agency for food brands is up to the minute on the newest digital platforms for reaching potential customers yet they carefully tailor each campaign depending not just on the medium but the brand identity as well.


WONDERKIND: an Austin-based boutique marketing and design studio that works exclusively with wellness food & beverage brands. Services include social media content creation, strategy + execution.


GROWTH BUSTER: This is a social media-savvy creative studio focusing on community, creative and innovation. They offer full service digital creative strategy, from email marketing and blog posts to influencer marketing, social media management and web design. Check out their creative studio, needs pop!, for scroll-stopping photos and short video inspiration.

Renewal Mill

EYE CANDY DESIGN: Amanda DeVries specializes in branding and rebranding food and beverage companies. She can help you identify key points in your design journey from conveying your brand’s essence to choose the best colors and the right typography and elements that will help you stand on out on the digital shelves.

The Really Nice Sauce Co

JOBIN DESIGN: Jobin Design a full-service graphic design studio that specializes in brand development and packaging design. With plenty of experience in the CPG field, Jobin Design can guide you through your branding endeavour whether you’re just starting out or looking to do a refresh. *Learn more tips on packaging design with Marc Jobin.

 Lil Buff Protein 

RIVAL BRANDS: Rival Brands is a branding and graphic design agency that can help makers get to the core of their identity, what they want to do, who they want to reach, where they want to go and how to communicate all this to their target customers through thoughtful design. 

Little Red Dot Kitchen

Little Red Dot Kitchen Photography

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