In today’s Instagrammable consumer culture, a package with bright colors and bold text stands out, both online and on store shelves. And when it comes to hot packaging trends in food & beverage, nutrition and ingredient callouts, particularly of the bold and dramatic variety, really pop. 

Looking to get consumer attention? Consider highlighting positive product attributes such as the minimal ingredient list or superb nutritional values. 

Below are a few brands using this tactic to inspire your own packaging designs.

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Halo Top

Perhaps the pinnacle in health-forward packaging, especially in the ice cream category, Halo Top vibrant packaging plays off the low calorie count.

Boulder Canyon

Boulder Canyon uses a consistent color theme across its range of chips to help distinguish type of oil and flavor; bold nutrition claims such as “60% less sodium.”

Good Culture

Refined visuals and bright colors with low sugar count brought front-and-center work to Good Culture’s advantage in a growing dairy market.

Birch Benders

Marketing to the keto diet, Birch Benders Cups use bright colors, playful visuals and a bold focus on net carb count.

Moon Cheese

A recent redesign brings protein content and “100% cheese” center stage, making Moon Cheese a top choice for those on keto.

Beckon Ice Cream

Pastel colors, a hot CPG trend, along with a bold logo, simple visuals and emphasis on “lactose free” callouts help Beckon stand out in a crowded freezer.


Koia uses a consistent color palette across its line of plant-based beverages; focus on low sugar and high protein.


A game changer in the nutrition bar category, RxBar’s rapid growth is due in part to its minimal packaging, bright colors and emphasis on the simple ingredients.

Magic Spoon

By stressing the high protein and low carb/sugar counts, and using pastels and cartoon graphics, Magic Spoon is targeting the nostalgia-inclined consumer looking for diet-friendly cereal alternatives.

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