It’s 2018, so we’d wager that you probably listen to a podcast or two. If you’re like us, you’re probably listening to anything that features cold cases, arcane trivia knowledge, or heists of some sort. In other words, not hugely productive. However, we’ve also found a number of wonderful podcasts that might be useful to you, the food & beverage entrepreneur! Here’s a roundup of our favorites. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below.

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The Sporkful
One of the more popular food podcasts, this is a great way to dip your toes into extremely lighthearted food & culture reporting.

Startup Season 1
While not technically food-specific, who doesn’t love to hear stories about starting a business? There’s nothing like someone else’s failures to put your own in perspective.

Food Biz Podcast
This is incredibly valuable informational content on starting a food business. Whether you’re at Day 0 or Year 10, there’s a topic for you.

Like Sporkful, Gastropod is a great source of food knowledge through a cultural and historic lens. Don’t miss if you’re a nerd (we are too!).

Peas on Moss
These guys get a little bit more granular than an everyday podcast. But if you’re looking for amazing information brought to you by super qualified chefs, entrepreneurs, and professionals, this is your broadcast.

The Eater Upsell
Eater’s brand is young and fun, yet full of great longform reporting. This weekly podcast dives into topical issues in F&B, and usually with a fabulous guest star. Like if your industry buddies had a podcast (but a little more refined).

Why Food Podcast
Uh, hi! Stories from people like you! This one is a no-brainer – interviews with up-and-coming food & beverage brand founders and owners. Brush up on episodes before your next networking event, because you’re sure to run into some of these inspiring makers in your travels.