Having pretty photos of your product is essential but how you use these digital assets, beyond putting them up on your website or other online store, is extremely crucial for both discovery and sales, especially nowadays.

Eye-catching campaigns on social media is the most obvious way to utilize your photos and media. But the social media strategy should go deeper than posting snaps of what you’re selling. Instead, think about different ways to highlight where folks can use your goods, how to use them, who should use them, and of course, where to find them. It’s almost like your product is a social media influencer in its own right.

Real Good Foods often shows their products in carts and baskets at Target. Drink Simple, which sells maple water and targets fitness enthusiasts, has been running live workout sessions on IGTV. Magic Spoon makes grain-free cereal but their social feed shows ways to eat it beyond the bowl, like as toppings for cupcakes.

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Kween Granola Butter has jazzed up their product photos with graphics, while also sharing recipes. Fit Joy shows their products in a variety of settings from the actual wild to shops and kitchens, all alongside ways entertain with pretzel twists. Another angle to highlight is the ingredients that go into your product. Ugly Drinks also took this in a cheeky fashion, which fits in with their overall style.

And we love how Good Pop partnered up with creatives who then used their popsicles in innovative/motivational ways for their #PledgeGood campaign meant to inspire random acts of goodness.

The content from your photo shoot and design sessions are also extremely valuable for your company newsletters, sell sheets to buyers, and other one-sheeters for promotions or announcements. And even with these, you can get creative with what you want to show off. Olipop recently did this for their launch into Wegmans supermarkets by photographing their sparkling tonics next to popular items from the store’s hot bar.

In short, when lining up your next product photo shoot, think holistically about how you will use these digital assets. While you can’t predict the next social media trend or viral TikTok song, you can show off your brand in ways just beyond what people will see on the shelf. (Speaking of Tiktok, follow us there @Foodboro!)

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