Somehow, it appears to be April. Just us, or did that happen overnight? As we cruise into Q2, stay updated on the latest in industry news and insights. This week, we’re learning about some major food industry players: beef, rice and, of course, millennial parents.

Here’s a rundown:

Is ‘rice’ the next battleground in the fight over food labeling terms? (Food Dive)

It’s not enough on the FDA’s plate that they have to define labeling standards for “meat” and “milk.” Now, the Arkansas governor has taken up issue with the term “rice” for cauliflower-based rice products, claiming that the word misleads customers. Unsurprisingly, the rice lobby agrees! Though, as Food Dive notes, Big Rice is benefitting from the use of “milk” in their rice milk products, so these misleading labels really go both ways. Add rice to the list of contentious terms to watch!

Restaurant Brands Have A New Consumer To Chase: Millennial Parents (Forbes)

The latest thing the most-studied generation is demanding? Family-friendly dining experiences. This article, based on a recent report, outlines some of the aspects that millennials with children (a growing segment) are looking for from their restaurant, delivery, or takeout meals. Read on for tips on improving your service for this market segment.

When a Big Ag conglomerate buys an iconic niche meat company, who has to change? (New Food Economy)

If you have a few extra minutes, this story of Purdue’s acquisition of Niman Ranch illustrates how a parent company and its subsidiary compromise when they have very different values. Important lessons for any socially-minded business!

Yes, you can now get a meat-free Whopper (in St. Louis, at least)! How is Impossible Foods, the alternative-protein startup, handling the partnership? “It has been like changing the tires while driving down the freeway,” said Impossible Foods CEO Pat Brown about their ramped-up production for Burger King. That pretty much captures the food startup lifestyle!

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