Feeling overwhelmed with how much you don’t know? Finding an infinite amount of advice, and don’t know who to trust? Take it one step at a time. You don’t have to learn everything today, or even tomorrow. Lessons will come naturally as you try new things, wear new hats, and make mistakes. That said, it’s worth spending time on valuable content in this week’s roundup. Build your food brand, watch a jam company make strides, and keep up with shared kitchen news. It’s a good day for knowledge!

Here’s a rundown:

Learn: Let’s Talk About How to Build a Brand (Medium)

Your food business isn’t just a product, it’s a brand. You might be familiar with introductory branding concepts like a logo, tagline, and style guide, but that’s just the beginning. Building a food brand means doing real research, as time-consuming as that can be. Not sure how to begin? This guide, from a master marketer, has a great introduction and links to key resources.

Watch: What it Takes to Launch a Company in NYC: Jammed Up | HUSTLE

“All the wins, and all the losses, are squarely on your shoulders.” This new Vice series on entrepreneurship, called Hustle, spotlights Brooklyn jam company Trade Street Jam Co. The host, John Henry, spends time with the entrepreneurs behind the company and evaluates different aspects of the business. It’s always fun to see the sausage get made: you get to see the founders work with an influencer, pitch a buyer, and sell at a market. And you’re certain to have opinions about Henry’s advice!

Read: Business of Renting Kitchen Space Heats Up in China (Bloomberg)

No one’s yet figured out how to make commercial kitchens work at scale, but that doesn’t mean companies have stopped trying. Just look at China! Demand for food delivery has caused a massive increase in commercial kitchen infrastructure for ghost kitchens and other restaurant concepts.

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