This week’s stories follow some of the highs and lows of entrepreneurship. From the meteoric rise, to the government seizure, your food business journey can take you to unexpected places. We’re also reading about some inspirational women in the industry, from three California food startups to the finalists for the Stacy’s Rise project. Read and enjoy!

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Here’s a rundown:

Ponder: PepsiCo names five finalists in its inaugural Stacy’s Rise Project, celebrating businesses founded by women

Stacy’s Rise is an entrepreneurial project sponsored by PepsiCo (and inspired by Stacy’s Pita Chips, a PepsiCo brand). The five chosen winners receive $20k in grant money and an executive mentorship program to grow their brands. The winners have just been released, and it is an inspiring crew!

Yikes: Viral Rainbow Bagel Shop Seized for Nearly $900K in Unpaid Taxes (Eater)

We’ve all been there: created an Instagram-friendly product, enjoyed a sudden explosion of media attention, “had difficulties” with the tax department resulting in $887,000 owed, and had our store seized. Just a day in the life?

Read: How 3 Millennial Female Food Entrepreneurs Are Cracking Big Retail Their Way (U.S. Chamber of Commerce)

Some of our favorite food entrepreneurs are profiled here! Read more about the founders of California food startups Brightland, Kuli Kuli and Bare Bones Broth. They all have a unique approach to retail sales, and they’re all achieving success on their own terms.

Listen: Opening Soon: Getting Butts in Seats

You already know that we’re huge fans of Tilit’s Opening Soon podcast. This episode, centered around tackling PR and building buzz around your opening, has lessons that even non-restaurant businesses can use. Creating excitement with limited resources is a constant challenge for food entrepreneurs, so we welcome these tips from the founders of Meatball Shop and BentoBox.

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