Are you recovered from the barrage of Mother’s Day promotions, specials, sales, and content? Some of those were likely your own, as your brand or restaurant took advantage of a major family-oriented holiday. We think Mother’s Day feels even more special in the food and beverage world, as so many of our best recipes and products have come from moms. We hope you recognized the moms in your world, especially the ones that have created or inspired incredible foods!

This week, we’ve got some especially fun pieces to enjoy. Enjoy interviews with women in food, a hilarious SNL parody of a classic culinary show, and a juicy feature story on a billionaire beverage maker.

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Here’s a rundown:

Celebrate: Inspiring Women in Food: Overcoming Challenges, Finding Success (Forbes)

We’re loving this piece on female restauranteurs and CPG founders, published in celebration of Mother’s Day. The stories in here are of strong women and mothers, creating products and experiences for their families and communities. If you can’t get enough women in food, head back to our International Women’s Day celebration post for more interviews!

Watch: ‘Chopped’ on SNL

It’s about time someone spoofed this classic cooking competition. Much of the satire comes from the egregious and hilarious mystery ingredients, but there’s a bit of honesty in there too. Look out for the great hand washing technique!

Read: Tempest In A Tea Bottle: Billionaire GT Dave Brewed A Fortune (And Plenty Of Bitterness) From Kombucha (Forbes)

Did GT Dave know this piece would be so juicy when he agreed to the interview? We’re not sure, but we do know you can’t miss this Forbes profile. GT Dave became a billionaire off his kombucha business, but now that the category has exploded, he is *not* happy. Dave’s thoughts about competitor Kevita? “You can get it for 99 cents at the thrift store.”