Is the dairy industry doomed? Has meat met its match? Are alcoholic beverages soon to be antiquated? These are just a few of the questions we’re asking ourselves this week. Read on for all the top stories you need to know, plus some startup inspiration.

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Dairy milk’s demise… Oatmilk on the rise?

A bad week for America’s largest producer of dairy products = a positive for oatmilk. Is the future of dairy products plant-based?

Bye-bye beef?

LISTEN: The End Of Meat With Pat Brown Of Impossible Foods (Rich Roll Podcast)

Are we saying bye-bye to beef? Hear what the founder of pioneering plant-based company, Impossible Foods, has to say.

Adios alcoholic beverages?

Sober Is The New Cool: Will Wellness Overtake Alcohol? (LinkedIn)

Low and non-alcoholic beverages are the new norm among younger consumers. What does this mean for Big Booze?

Startup inspiration:

How Koia Went From 40 to 400 Stores Overnight (New Hope Network)

From home kitchen to kitchens in homes nationwide, discover how this founder secured national distribution with America’s leading health foods retailer.


Hear how Denise Woodard went from a seasoned corporate sales career in CPG to the founder of an allergen-friendly snack food company.

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