What do rotisserie chicken, non-alcoholic beer and an organic grocery store have in common? More than you think. This week we’re exploring a hodgepodge of stories from makers and retailers alike, and their efforts to grow in the ever-changing world of food.

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Here’re this week’s reads:

Read: It’s only $4.99. But Costco’s rotisserie chicken comes at a huge price (CNN Business)

While other grocers are investing in technology and improved customer experience, this big-box retailer is putting big bucks into… chicken? Turns out rotisserie chicken is top of the funnel for Costco, who knew?

Watch: Investing in the Future of Food: Maximize memorability before distribution for long-term growth (Food Navigator USA)

Distribution is expensive, and as a startup every dollar counts. In this video learn how to grow your brand by tapping into how your customers will remember who you are.

Inspire: Inside the nonalcholic brewery making the year’s most exciting beer (Fast Company)

Is beer without the buzz the next big thing in beverage? Get a look into one of the pioneering brands in this fast-growth category and see why people are drinking it up.

Learn: How Chobani’s CCO Built an In-House Agency (AdWeek)

This disruptive Greek yogurt brand is arguably one of the most successful food startups of recent. Could their innovative marketing strategy be the reason why? Here’s what you can learn.

Read: Organic Grocer Erewhon Eyes Expansion After Private Equity Deal (Forbes)

With new funding this West Coast beautiful store, who some have called the “future of grocery”, wants to bring it’s organic noshes to shoppers across the country. NYC’s a good start.

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