Are farmers markets really worth it (yes)? Has plant-based reached its prime (maybe)? Are grocery stores dead (not even close)? Plus, an early look at the food trends expected to dominate 2020.

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Here’s a look at the tabs we kept open this week:

Investment inspiration

Why Mark Cuban invested $250,000 in vegan pork rinds (CNBC)

See how this startup took to the sharks on ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank” and snagged a $250,000 deal from one of the biggest names in venture capital.

Food trends

Is The Tipping Point Coming For Plant-Based Food Options? (Forbes)

With nearly 25% of U.S. residents reporting to consume plant-based products on a regular basis, the much-talked about trend is officially mainstream. But could it have reached it’s peak? Read on for insights from one of the category’s biggest names.

Alternative Dairy CPG Landscape (FoodTech)

From burgers made of mushrooms to milks of oats, nuts, seeds and just about anything else imaginable, consider this info-graphic your pocketbook guide to all things plant based.

These are the 10 food trends Whole Foods says you’ll eat up in 2020 (Fast Company)

Tigernut flour? Date syrup? No-booze beer? Yep, it’s a thing. Get the full list of natural food trends Whole Foods is betting on for 2020 in the company’s annual report.

Grocery forward

Whole Foods Market’s local foragers could be your entry in (New Hope Network)

Think farmers markets are a thing of the past? Think again. Discover how a Sunday spent schlepping product at your local market could get you in the doors of Whole Foods.

Is Erewhon the future of the “curated” food and retail experience? (LinkedIn)

While many grocers are steering clear of traditional retail, Erewhon is embracing it. See how this West-Coast natural foods golden child plans to transform the industry and be the poster child for food retailers nationwide.

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