Foodboro first reported on the rise of pop ups in food and beverage in April 2019, and sponsored Revolution Retail in July 2019. Safe to say a lot has changed since. While pop up shops were popular (pun intended) pre-COVID, the impact the pandemic has had on businesses has us looking at them in a whole new light, and they are a more promising retail-format than ever.

While many traditional retailers and restaurants closing their doors, those who’ve adopted a pop up business model have opened. Why? For shoppers pop ups provide a convenient way to shop with minimal crowds, yet a sense of community. For brands and retailers, low overhead and the ability to test a selection of products with limited inventory.

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The Pop Up Grocer Effect

Pop Up Grocer is a first of its kind retail shop, offering over 100 carefully curated food, beverage and healthcare products. What started as a 10-day pop up in April 2019 in NYC, PUG has since traveled around the country, with a location in Los Angeles this past February and Austin, TX this past June (at the height of the COVID pandemic). Now, the popular, small-scale grocery store is open for business in Brooklyn, NYC through the beginning of November. Read how Pop Up Grocer founder Emily Schildt and her team are pivoting and innovating in this article from, and learn about the selection of products you’ll find this month here.

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What Can We Expect?

What intrigued shoppers pre-COVID … wide variety of trendy products, limited availability, fun environment … will only be more relevant. If we had to bet, we’d put our money on small-scale and pop-up grocery concepts being the “new normal” in food & beverage, as well as in other industries like fashion, beauty and tech.

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