Shipping in a pandemic has had challenges for all, but shipping a frozen product isn’t as easy as dropping it into a cardboard box. Dry ice and liners or styrofoam boxes are necessary. Add in a dry ice shortage and a vaccine rollout? That’s like walking on thin ice.🥶

So how can it be done? And can it be profitable? A few makers recently shared their stories of working on ice and here’s what they told us:

  • Ship where it’s feasible. Don’t opt for nationwide shipping right away. You can do this by putting a geo-fence on your website to limit shipping to certain areas.
  • Cut out the middleman. If you can, go straight to the manufacturer for your shipping needs from liners to dry ice and more.
  • Keep detailed spreadsheets. Price out every variable to guarantee you can be profitable with every sale.
  • Accept that delays are going to happen. These are strange times and there will be elements out of your control. But just communicate all this with consumers as it happens.

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