With many IRL sales channels having closed up during the COVID-19 crisis, food and beverage makers have swiftly begun to pivot to e-commerce, largely focusing on direct-to-consumer efforts. Yet while you may not be able to sell your product in the local coffee shop or at the gift shop down the street, new locally-based opportunities for makers are popping up, such as farm delivery boxes.

The weekly boxes, filled with organic and seasonal fruits and vegetables from nearby farms, have long been popular for community-minded consumers. But with more people refraining from going to grocery stores, the demand for farm delivery boxes have soared in the past few weeks. Not surprisingly, many of these farm delivery services have needed to increase their operations and their products.

And now, we’ve been hearing of makers who’ve been able to list their products as add-ons into the boxes.

The Bitter Housewife has partnered with Local Milkrun in Portland, Oregon. Queen City Collective Coffee has been able to add their 12oz bag of roast into a box from Fresh Guy Produce in Denver. Farm Fresh To You is weekly produce delivery service in Los Angeles, that has a bunch of grocery add-ons from bread to peanut butter, granola bars, jam and more. Hungry Harvest and Farm to the People in D.C. are just two of many services along the East Coast doing similar add-ons with locally made products.


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And that’s the key with these farm delivery boxes, as compared to other healthy foods subscription services. Most boxes only want local products and suppliers and many of them may also have specific ingredient requirements (organic, non-GMO, etc.), along with inventory and packaging specifications. But it’s a good channel to consider when your other go-tos are closed.

Not sure which delivery service to use? A general place to start is to look at Local Harvest, for community-supported agriculture (CSA) boxes near you. Then contact those CSA services directly (most have online applications to fill out.) Local Harvest also offers you to sell through their online catalog, akin to a virtual farmers market. As always, make sure the service aligns with your product, brand and ethos before signing up!

Have questions about selling in a farm delivery box or other CSA service? Let us know. Are you already selling your product this way? Let us know how that’s been going! Email us at [email protected]