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Who: Byrdfood
What: Healthy snacks (Seed and oat-based clusters)
Where: New York City
Founder: Sue Zhou
Connect: Instagram

Self-professed professional snack enthusiast Sue Zhou spotted an opportunity while strolling the so-called “healthy snack” aisle. She noticed that too many of the supposedly good-for-you products on shelves had as much sugar as a candy bar.

That lead her step away from a successful legal career and launch Byrdfood in February of this year.

Byrdfood is Zhou’s savory take on granola. She uses organic sunflower, pumpkin, and flax seeds with whole oats to make a tasty grab-and-go snack that’s chock full of nutrients. Her product has lots of flavor and zero added sugar. All those plant-based proteins healthy fats, and complex carbs are a good recipe for energy while you’re on the go.

Among the flavors Byrdfood offers? Smokey Chipotle, Spicy Pizza and Everything Bagel. You can buy online, or find a retailer near you.

And if you’ve got an idea for the next great Byrdfood flavor, Sue is all ears. Drop her a line!

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