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Who: Chill Pop Shop
What: Frozen fruit popsicles
Where: Cleveland, OH
Connect: Instagram

Popsicles take us back to childhood days of hanging out with not a care in the world. And right now, more than ever, we could use a little bit of care-free nostalgia. Enter the Chill Pop Shop, an Ohio-based brand of frozen fruit popsicles made with clean ingredients in a sustainable manner to produce unexpected flavors mean to “POP” off the shelves. In their own words, Chill Pop Shop is “bringing cool back to the freezer.”

Some of those flavors include Black Pepper Plum, Lemon Ricotta, Avocado Mint, and Sea Salt Strawberry Cream. Delish! And all are gluten-free.

Started by Elizabeth and Maggie Pryor in Cleveland in 2013, Chill Pops began with a mission to create popsicles made with real fruit, grass-fed dairy and fair-trade sugar. That mission continues to this day. Chill Pop prides itself on offering a sweet treat that can be healthy and delicious and without a long list of strange ingredients.

Each box of Chill Pops comes with four 3-oz pops and are sold predominantly throughout the Midwest and the Mid-Atlantic regions in Whole Foods, Heinen’s, Earth Fare, and Target supermarkets as well as through Amazon Fresh. You can also buy them directly online. So grab a few boxes of Chill Pops and well, chill.

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