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Who: Drink Simple 
What: Maple Water
Where: Massachusetts/Vermont
Connect: Instagram or email [email protected]

Maple water? Who would have thought? Kate Weiler and Jeff Rose, actually. The athletic duo discovered the nutritional benefits of maple water during the Ironman Mont-Tremblant triathlon in Quebec. Once they got a taste, they were hooked and six years ago, formed Drink Simple, a line of maple waters, including a sparkling version. But first, they had to understand how maple water was made.

Kate and Jeff, who collectively have backgrounds in nutrition, holistic wellness, logistics and supply chain management, discovered that it’s a misconception that all tree sap is sticky. Maple sap, meaning the actual sap pulled from maple trees, looks and feels like regular water, but this special water has serious hydration benefits. Indeed the makers of maple syrup have been known to drink the maple water to stay hydrated during the sugaring season.

During March and April when the temps are warm during the day and below freezing at night, Drink Simple taps their maple trees in Vermont to collect the maple water. Then they sterilize the maple water to kill off yeast and pathogens, but leave all the minerals, polyphenols, and antioxidants from the pure maple sap.

Drink Simple’s maple water is similar to coconut water in terms of electrolytes and vitamins but with half the calories and an even milder taste. Maple water is also known as a hangover helper, a booster of athletic aerobic performance, and a powerful source of anti-aging benefits. Pretty soon, maple water will make us all “Tree Chuggers.”

You can drink Drink Simple in the sparkling incarnation (Orange Mango, Blackberry Lemon, or Raspberry Lemon) or the OG version water. Find them online! 

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